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Yes the jewelry is spectacular! Yes it's only $5. Yes it looks like it’s valued at more BUT the real value for me came when I decided to take being a customer to the next level and invested to become a business owner.

After becoming a single mom again, I spent so much time in debt and worry. I was making decent money in my HR career but it just wasn't allowing us to live freely. I had just enough to make the ends meet but not enough to give my children the kind of experiences I dreamed of as a kid. I knew I had to do something different, I needed to do it right away, and it could not take me away from home. After an offbeat chance encounter with my sponsor who believed in my abilities the moment she met me, I took a chance and here I am today!

Retired young, a full time mompreneur, a 6 figure earner, and my greatest accomplishment... the captain of 4000 plus lives changed through this business over the last five years! My yes is still changing lives everyday!

 You are welcome to poke around and shop your favorite products but if your story sounds like mine, click HERE and bet on yourself!